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You're about to embark on a journey of self-discovery that will result in acquiring numerous transferable skills, as well as the potential for career advancement. What makes Christian higher education distinctive and meaningful is its mission to encourage students to develop a Christian worldview.

A worldview seeks to answer the crucial questions of life, which include a) Where did we come from; b) Who are we; c) What has gone wrong with the world; and d) What solution can be offered to fix it? This website will introduce you to graduate schools and seminaries that ascribe to a Christian worldview - their programs will challenge you academically, inspire you vocationally, and transform you spiritually. Each school employs professors that will invest in your holistic growth as a student and an individual.

You can use this website to search by program interest, school name, and/or geographic location. Each graduate school or seminary has an interactive page where you can watch videos, link easily to important information, and request communication with an admissions representative. In addition, please check out our webinar and blog links to engage with experts, like Dr. Les Parrott, as they discuss topics that relate to your life as a potential graduate student.